RDP Settings

In the recent years I have been more and more reliant on using Remote Desktop for managing computers.

Windows helps RD users out by storing a history of 10 “Most Recently Used (MRU)” connections, and stores the username for any server that you have accessed in the past.

This is great, however, if you use Remote Desktop every day like I do, this list might get messy very fast.

I got frustrated in having to memorize where this data is stored in the Windows Registry, so I have made a small application that pulls this data from the registry, and allows you to edit it.

This application also allows you to edit the Port Number that RDP listens on (default is 3389).

I tested this on Windows 10 x64, but it should work on previous version of Windows.
If you notice any bugs, please contact me and let me know!

— Always be mindful of making changes in the registry. Always have a backup! I am not responsible if this program does not work as intended on an unsupported OS —

License: GNU GPL v3
Source Code